Along with the development of our industry into the era of globalization, and Indonesia welcomed the free market, which has been the trend in the business world, then on December 12, 2011 PT. Omega Taiyo Teknologi was founded by Mr. Herman Hendro Subhan and its team of experienced sales and engineer more than 20 years.

The company's authorized capital amounts to Rp., 00.

PT. Omega Taiyo Teknologi is a company engaged in the machinery trade of Europe, Japan, Taiwan. As for the brands that we sell:

    1. Fanuc
    2. Wele
    3. Campro
    4. Neuar
    5. Manford
    6. Winho
    7. Top OTT
    8. etc.

PT. Omega Taiyo Teknologi is a trading company which is professionally prepared with the support of experts from various disciplines who are able to produce the best quality that can be given.

We have had customers from large companies such as:

    1. PT. Chemco Harapan Nusantara
    2. PT. Perkakas Rekadaya Nusantara
    3. PT. ADR Group
    4. PT. Saem Daya
    5. PT. Tekno Indonesia
    6. PT. Multi Strada Arah Sarana
    7. etc.